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Good morning,

The Business Affairs Office (BAO) Property Control Department would like to remind University of Oregon (UO) personnel of their responsibilities associated with loaning University property to employees, students, or outside entities.

If a UO employee or student needs to use University owned equipment for business or educational purposes outside of the UO, a Property Receipt Form<> or departmental equivalent needs to be completed and retained within the department.

The completed form must include the following information:

*         Department lending the equipment

*         Dates of the loan

*         Location where the equipment will be used

*         Description of the equipment

*         Borrowers name and signature

*         Department head or authorized representative name and signature

If property is being loaned to an outside entity for business or educational purposes, please work with Purchasing and Contracting Services (PCS) before the equipment leaves the University. PCS will assist you with an Outgoing Property Loan Agreement.

For capital or high-risk equipment, please also complete the Asset Maintenance Form<> and forward it to the BAO Property Control Department. This will ensure compliance with Federal, State, and UO requirements regarding the tracking of University assets.

Thank you,

BAO Property Control Department

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