Fiscal Year 15 Year End Instructions and Deadlines

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With our fiscal year end quickly approaching, please take time to review the year end departmental instructions and deadlines at It is important for all departments to read and follow these instructions to assist the Business Affairs Office in coordinating the University of Oregon's fiscal year close and financial statement production.

Please make every effort to post as much June activity as possible to period 12 before it closes on July 8th at 5:00pm. To allow time for transactions to clear approval queues, be sure to post them before 3:00pm. Any remaining activity, accruals, and adjustments need to be posted to period 14.

If your department has made any entries to general ledger asset (AXXXX) or liability (BXXXX) account codes, please maintain a subsidiary ledger (detailed listing of transactions that comprise the balance of an account) to support the balances  as of June 30, 2015.  Balances can be reviewed through the Banner form FGITBAL/FGIGLAC or FWIGLDD. A list of commonly used account codes requiring maintenance of a subsidiary ledger can be found at:

A list of specific deadlines can be found at:
For general questions related to year-end closing, please visit:

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BAO Financial Services

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Robbin Howard, 6-1115, rchoward at<mailto:rchoward at>
Phil Davis, 6-3524, pdavis at<mailto:pdavis at>
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