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Good Morning Campus,

The university has completed a significant step in the Copier Fleet Program. The intent of the program is to consolidate multifunction copy machine acquisitions into one contract and take advantage of the University's buying power under a strategic-campus-wide agreement. The following is just a brief update on where we currently stand with the anticipated program.

We have awarded the fleet copier program to CTX/Xerox and have begun the process of contract negotiations. We anticipate the program roll-out in the month of October, but we'll keep you posted as we get closer. Every attempt will be made upon implementation not to interfere with regular University of Oregon business. We will coordinate with each department, and work around all the different schedules.

Upon execution of the contract, a team representing CTX/Xerox will be on campus doing a walk-through. They want to make sure that our master list of copiers is consistent with what they are finding in their campus evaluation. This will help facilitate the logistics of the implementation process. Each of the team members from CTX/Xerox will be wearing an official University of Oregon contractor identity badge.

Printing and Mailing Services will keep you posted as we make progress through the process.

Kind Regards,


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