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New Mobile Technology Forms Required

Pursuant to Mobile Technology Allowance Payment Options<> a new Mobile Technology Access and Payment Option Request form (MTAPOR) will be required by July 1st, 2016 (FY 2017) for employees that are receiving monthly mobile technology allowances.

Reimbursements for employee usage of mobile technology are currently provided on a tax-exempt basis.  To comply with the IRS language for deductible business expenses of "both ordinary and necessary" the UO utilizes representative pricing for varied levels of technology and service plans.  These reimbursement amounts are then set as the maximum amount for each tier of service.

The Business Affairs Office and UO Telecommunications Services have reviewed the recommended payment tiers for mobile technology reimbursement.  Based upon current representative pricing in each of the following categories, the maximum monthly reimbursement amounts for each tier are:

Tier Description

FY17 Rate

Tier One - Occasional/Infrequent Use


Tier Two - Routine Use


Tier Three - Advanced Mobile Device


Tier One is based on a basic cellular phone with talk & text (no data)
Tier Two is based on a basic smartphone with unlimited talk/text and ~3.0Gb of data/month
Tier Three is based on an advanced smartphone with unlimited talk/text and ~3.0Gb of data/month

If the forms are being processed in your department, please have the processing complete prior to issuing the July stipend payments.  If the payment allowance is being processed centrally by Business Affairs Accounts Payable, please have the forms completed and signed, and an email notification sent to apbao at<mailto:apbao at> by June 30th.  For clarification on the required signature authorizations, please reference this memorandum:

Here is a link to the electronic form: The electronic form is designed to allow completion online and routes the form for approvals via email.  History of all approvals will be retained and if any changes are made the form will be rerouted for approval by all appropriate parties.

If, for some reason, you are unable to use the electronic form, the paper version is still available at:<>

I M P O R T A N T !

When using the electronic version, please remember that if you want A/P to process a recurring payment, you will need to forward the "Signing Complete" email you receive to apbao at<mailto:apbao at>  Otherwise, A/P will not be notified and will assume the form is being processed by the department.

Please call or email me with any questions you may have.

Thank you.

Sherrie Canfield
Central Accounts Payable Dept.
sherriec at<mailto:sherriec at>

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