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Good Afternoon,

We are sending this out on behalf of the UO Duck Store.

Starting with the October Statements (September Activity) we will be including with the statements a supplemental report showing any additional information captured in the comments section of the point of sale register field (NSPOS).  This is the section we would place employee name, index number, phone number, and any additional information provided by the customer or what is asked for by our cashier at the time of the transaction.

Attached is an example of the report that will be supplied with each individual account.  The section that will be of most value to people is labeled as "NSPOS Comments".  The transactions listed on your statement will be itemized on the supplemental report as well.  Please let me know if this does not make sense or if you have any questions.

Thank you.

Jeremy Gates - Controller
The Duck Store
PO Box 3176
Eugene, OR 97403
jsgates at uoregon.edu<mailto:jsgates at uoregon.edu>
Direct 541.346.9411
Fax 541.346.3645

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