DuckStore developing a process to email point of sale receipts

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Mon Dec 12 11:45:40 PST 2016

Good Morning,

We are working with the DuckStore to provide departments more transaction detail on purchases charged to their customer account(s).  The DuckStore is working with their software provider, to develop a process that will send an email directly from the point of sale (POS) on every transaction.

If your Department is interested in receiving an email with transaction detail for any charge that is going to be placed against your customer account, please review the attached excel spreadsheet.  For any account that belongs to your Department please add the email address in column D of the spreadsheet.  Preferably your department has a group email account that can be assigned to your customer account, to help minimize future account maintenance.  Once you have updated the spreadsheet with your email address please send your edited version to dpatten at<mailto:dpatten at> .  I will consolidate our responses in to one spreadsheet and deliver it to the DuckStore.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact Dan Patten at 6-4235.

Thank You
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