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Wed Aug 12 11:57:42 PDT 2015

The Personal Leave (PERS) for FY 14-15 has been reset to zero and Earn Code LTP has been disabled. (If there are negatives they will be zeroed out at a later date.)

The Personal Leave (PERZ) for FY 15-16 has been updated and the Earn Code LTQ is ready for use in August time entry.

Please review the updated Personal Leave Balance by running the Leave Balances Report from PWIPAYR. Personal Leave adjustments (for hourly employees who took leave in the first part of July which was recorded as REG) have been made.

Missed reporting of Personal Leave or questions regarding balances, contact:    Grant Keeney
                                                                                                                                                                gkeeney at<mailto:gkeeney at>

Benjamin Kane
Assistant Payroll Manager
(541) 346-1084
bkane at<mailto:bkane at>

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