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The below message was sent out to Deans, Directors, and Department Heads last week. We appreciate your assistance in this matter as well.

Dear Colleagues,

Academic Affairs, Human Resources, and Payroll are working together to ensure that the university's processes for pay issuance are timely and appropriate. Collectively, we request your collaboration and support with the university's appointment process.  Facilitating the appointment of a new or existing faculty member or OA is an important aspect of the employment process with significant impact on the employee, your department, Human Resources and Payroll.  We know that you share our commitment to accurate recordkeeping and compliance with state and federal regulations governing timely pay practices.

Recognizing that appointments can vary from simple to complex and require review by several units, it is essential to provide as much lead time as possible for complete processing.  When completing appointment requests and submitting requests to offer (RTO), we ask that you and your administrative staff:

*         Complete and submit forms and documentation to Human Resources as soon as an employment decision is made (i.e. hire, promote, change, renew).

*         Submit hire notices and documentation for new employees well in advance of contract start date.

*         Recognize that when documents are received on or near the first day of employment, there is no guarantee that the new employee will be paid in the current pay cycle or obtain access to university service upon hire.

*         Recognize that the later in the month paperwork is submitted to HR, the more difficult it is to issue pay by the end of the month within the current pay cycle.

In order to achieve the common goal of maintaining accurate records and ensuring employees are paid properly and on time, collaboration across all departments is essential.  Your and your staff's efforts to ensure timely submission of hire documentation is greatly appreciated and assists Human Resources and Payroll with supporting your department and employees in this important employment process.

Looking forward, HR and Payroll will continue efforts to process appointment requests in a timely fashion with the understanding that departments and units across campus are making every effort to provide as much lead time as possible.  We will engage directly with departments that do not submit appointments and RTOs with adequate advance notice in order to improve collaboration and meet shared expectations.

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter. Together, we can adhere to best practices for employee recordkeeping and pay practices.

Best Regards,

Doug Blandy                                                                       Susan Anderson
Senior Vice Provost, Academic Affairs                    Senior Vice Provost, Academic Affairs

Nancy Resnick                                                                   Kelly B. Wolf
Chief Human Resources Officer                                 Assistant Vice President and Controller, Business Affairs
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