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Tue Jan 3 10:06:27 PST 2017

Dear UO Travel Coordinator,

You are receiving this important notice regarding Clery Act compliance because you coordinate, plan or arrange travel for student away trips.

Upon receipt of this notice, please:

*         review the attached notification and forward to your travelers to whom this notice applies

*         begin sending travel information, as per the attached requirements, to the Clery Coordinator

*         contact the Clery Coordinator if you have questions or need assistance
Thank you for your assistance in complying with this federal law.

Monica Hildebrand
Clery Coordinator
University of Oregon Police Department
monicah at<mailto:monicah at>


You are receiving this notice if you plan or coordinate school sponsored away trips for UO students.  Below is important information that will enable the university, with your assistance, to comply with the Clery Act.

The Clery Act is a federal law that requires schools to track and report information about crimes that occur at certain types of locations.  These crime statistics must be reported to the Department of Education and disclosed in the UO annual security report.

The UO Clery Coordinator, who works at UOPD, is responsible for Clery Act compliance, including the collection and reporting of crime statistics.

A big piece of Clery compliance is collecting and reporting crimes that occur in specific off-campus locations that are frequented by students.  This includes any lodging, facilities or other use of space,
for any school sponsored student away trips, classes or programs, in which a contract, rental, lease or any other type of formal or informal written agreement exists.

Below are examples of what types of programs, locations and agreements qualify, information on how to get this information to the Clery Coordinator, and who to contact for more information.

Examples of off-campus locations:

*         Another part of town

*         Another city, state or country
Examples of away trips:

*         Offsite classes

*         Geology field camp

*         Field trips

*         Faculty-led trips and programs

*         Competitions

*         Debate team trips

*         Music school trips

*         Journalism school trips

*         Sports marketing trips

*         Sustainability program trips

*         Any time students travel to an off-campus location and engage in school-sponsored activities with an agreement for lodging, facilities, or use of space.

Frequented by students means:

*         Students have access to the location and may be present for any reason
Types of lodging, facilities or use of space:

*         Lodging: Hotels, hostels, campgrounds, res halls, private homes, etc.

*         Facilities: Classrooms, meeting rooms, conference rooms, etc.

*         Use of Space: Farmland, park land, etc.

Types of agreements that qualify:

*         Hotel reservation

*         Rental or lease agreement

*         An informal written agreement
Information that the Clery Coordinator needs:

*         Name of your department

*         Name of lodging, facility or other area

*         Location (city, state, country)

*         Date/s of stay

*         Please provide the above information to the Clery Coordinator each time you plan or coordinate a trip.
How to get this information to the Clery Coordinator:

*         Information can be provided in any of the following formats:

o   E-mail the Clery Coordinator

o   Call the Clery Coordinator

o   Spreadsheet

o   Trip itinerary if it has the lodging information
Information the Clery Coordinator does not need:

*         Faculty-only trips
How the information is used:

Using the information you provide, the Clery Coordinator will request crime statistics from law enforcement agencies who serve these locations.  These law enforcement agencies will then submit statistics for any crimes that occurred while the students were there.  These statistics will be reported to the Department of Education and listed in the UO annual security report.

Please disseminate this notice to any additional faculty and staff within your department who may plan or coordinate away trips or programs.

For more information or questions, please contact the Clery Coordinator:

*         Monica Hildebrand, 541-346-0670, monicah at<mailto:monicah at>

Compliance with this federal law is very important and is subject to audit by the Department of Education.  Thank you for your assistance in meeting Clery compliance!

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