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Good Morning Travel Coordinators -

Follow these tips to take the "guesswork" out of comparison quotes when working with UO contract travel agents.  Doing some homework in advance is beneficial in helping your traveler make smart travel choices and will help you know what to ask for from your travel agent partner.

A comparison airfare quote is necessary when personal travel is included with UO business travel AND/OR when an indirect airport is used. Reimbursement criteria is based on this comparison quote.

Before you call the agent:

*         Know the location of the business activities.

*         Know the direct route airport. The following is a link to, a site that will list the nearest airport options to your provided business destination.

*         Determine the route, days, and times needed to accommodate the UO business only. This is the route and schedule the comparison quote should reflect.

*         To be an informed shopper and have an idea of possible routes and schedules offered, research using one of the on-line travel websites (Travelocity, Orbtiz, Kayak, or JustFly).

*         Ask the agent for a single comparison quote based on the business needs and be specific with your request. (Example: Please provide a round trip comparison quote, Eugene to Washington DC, outbound 2/25 morning flight, return 2/29 evening flight.) This will guide the agent to the correct comparison quote.

*         If you are unsure about the correct comparison quote to ask for, give the Travel Office a call. With a few quick questions, we can help you determine what comparison to ask for.

UO Travel Website Links:

Laurie Jacoby, CTC
Travel Manager
Business Affairs Office
University of Oregon
lajacoby at<mailto:lajacoby at>
**  Business Affairs is now located at the Thompson University Center.  More information here<>.

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