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Good Morning Travel Coordinators and UO Business Travelers -

If a rental car is necessary for UO employees and students on UO business, travelers should use the State of Oregon rental car contracts.  Why?

*         Discounted rates - get advance purchase rates even when renting last minute

*         Insurance - not using the contracts means the driver's personal insurance is primary

*         Size upgrade - reserve a compact and drive a midsize car

*         No drop fee within 500 miles


Choice:  State of Oregon contract rates are available from Hertz, Enterprise and National.

Upgrade:  Using the contract automatically allows an upgrade to midsize.  Or sign up for National's Emerald Club and select any car on the Emerald Aisle:

Discount Pricing:  Using the corporate discount code allows the same low corporate rate even when booking at the last minute or in an emergency situation.
Example 1:  Last winter a number of travelers were stranded in snowed-in airports and needed to drive to an alternate airport to catch a flight.  Traveler A rented the last vehicle at the counter for $250 per day, plus taxes.  Traveler B got a Hertz car using the state of Oregon discount code he carried in his wallet at the contract rate of $33 per day, plus taxes.

Example 2:  Your return flight to Eugene changes in Portland and the flight gets cancelled.  What do you do? Option A: Go to the counter of Brand X and rent a last minute, one way car to Eugene for $150 with taxes.  Or Option B:  Go to Enterprise, National or Hertz with your State of Oregon discount code and drive the car to Eugene for about $60 including taxes.

Insurance:  The State of Oregon contract includes the Collision Damage Waiver insurance.  If you rent "off contract" you are responsible for your own insurance - an expensive decision in the case of an accident.

No Drop Fee:   There is no additional drop fee to take a car one way within 500 miles.

Location:  Contract rates are available for both domestic and international travel.  Insurance requirements may vary from country to country.  Be sure to check with Safety and Risk Services for information about driving in a foreign country.

Underage Drivers - Most companies will not rent to drivers under 25 without a hefty surcharge.  The State of Oregon contract allows drivers from 18-25 years for UO business without a surcharge.

Direct Bill - Enterprise and National can direct bill your UO department.

Travel Agency booking: - Our UO contract travel agencies can book the State of Oregon corporate car rental and can enter your departmental direct billing information.

Bottom line:  Don't leave home without your State of Oregon rental car discount codes!

For more information:
(Duck ID log in required to obtain corporate discount codes)

Important points:

*         Non-employees cannot use the state contract, even if conducting UO business.

*         Business rentals may not include personal time.  Travelers should either return the car to resign a personal contract.  Or, rent the best rate not using the contract and request reimbursement for the business only portion of the trip.

Please pass this onto your UO business travelers.  Let the travel office know if you have any questions.  Thank you,

Laurie Jacoby, CTC
Travel Manager
Business Affairs Office
University of Oregon
lajacoby at<mailto:lajacoby at>

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