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Thu Jun 29 16:43:06 PDT 2017

To our UO Travel Coordinators -

As you may have heard, the Travel Office is in the process of implementing a new software service for travel expense and departmental PCard processing called Concur.  We are anticipating the rollout to happen sometime late fall 2017.

With the Banner 9 upgrade that the UO is currently undertaking, our homegrown Duckweb travel reimbursement form will cease to work.  That offered us two options: Either a complete, lengthy and expensive overhaul of the duckweb reimbursement program with the need to continually support it through UO IT.  Or an analysis of software as a service providers to find a fully supported, fully customizable expense solution with a mobile application, a top notch Duty of Care benefit, robust reporting features, and the ability to upload electronic receipts and electronic signatures.  After looking in depth at several companies, the review committee voted for Concur.

Beginning implementation has allowed us to review current processes, one of which was Travel account codes adopted from OUS.  Our survey results concluded that departments prefer account codes that will allow them to track expense categories, rather than by generic destination.

If you prepare travel reimbursements, how will that affect you?

In the future, Concur will be able to identify and correctly code the expense type.  In these few final months of Duckweb use, you will need to divide the expenses between the appropriate account codes which will immediately start compiling reportable data.  The benefits of changing account codes at the beginning of the fiscal year outweighed the negative of needing to add an additional accounting line or two to a travel reimbursement.


Q:  Do the account codes work for non-employee/guest travel?
A:  The account codes are for all travelers using UO State funds.  Domestic travel destinations use account code 351xx and International destinations use 353xx.  If the travel is participant support, please see travel account code information regarding participant support account codes.  There is no longer a separation of employees versus guests.

Q:  I have Travel Certification to invoice In State and Mileage reimbursements.  How will this affect me?
A:  This should not affect your ability to create invoices at the department level. The duckweb form is programmed to read account codes and the state abbreviation.

Q:  Do I use the new account codes when making a Banner payment to a third party vendor like a local hotel or rental car direct bill?
A:  Yes.

Q:  Will travel commodity codes change?
A:  No.

Contact Laurie, Brooke or Conny if you have further questions regarding new travel account codes.  Have a safe and Happy Fourth of July holiday!

Laurie Jacoby, CTC
Travel Manager
Business Affairs Office
University of Oregon
lajacoby at<mailto:lajacoby at>

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