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Thu Dec 14 11:05:53 PST 2017

Good Morning Travel Coordinators:

IRS High-Low City per diems:  We have received the annual IRS notice of updates to the high-low substantiation table that we utilize for per diem travel reimbursement rates within the Continental United States.

Hotels:  The new Low City per diem allowance for lodging will be $134 (up from $132) starting Jan. 1, 2018.  The High City per diem allowance is $217 (up from $214).  We will be updating the spreadsheet on our UO travel webpage and will have it posted soon.  Several cities have been removed from the High City list for 2017 including:  Sedona, AZ; Los Angeles, CA, Vero Beach, FL and Kill Devil, NC

Meals:    Meal per diem remains the same for 2018:   Low City Meal and Incidental per diem is $57 and the High City Meal and Incidental per diem is $68.

Mileage Reimbursement:  UO follows the General Services Administration (GSA) in the setting of mileage reimbursement rates which is currently 53.5 cents per mile for personal vehicle usage.  There have been no announcements to date regarding any changes for 2018.

Please let the travel office know if  you have any questions.

Laurie Jacoby, CTC
Travel Manager
Business Affairs Office
University of Oregon
lajacoby at<mailto:lajacoby at>

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